1. Had the most wonderful sleep in this morning after a really long and stressful past few days. It was very much welcomed!
2. Finished an assignment a day early!! Do you understand how rare that is?! I never do that! Though it was partially done because I have an even bigger one coming up in two days that I need to do, but anyway. I was proud of myself!
3. Went to the night noodle markets with some wonderful friends tonight. It was so great to have a relaxing night with food and friends and wine! I’ve missed those people a lot too.

1. Almost all of my kids were doing their standing backflips on their own today!! Made me such a proud coach!
2. My best friend came over briefly to drop some stuff off. It was great to see her especially since she is leaves for America tomorrow for three weeks. I’m going to miss her.
3. Got started on a couple of projects I have going on. I wish I could devote a little more time to them but stupid uni work has to get in the way… But I’m excited about these other things, they are looking good already!!

1. My lecture this morning only went for one hour instead of its usual two hours. Cheering!
2. Got my assignment in on time. It’s crap but all I need is a pass. One subject all finished for semester!!!
3. One of my kids at gym just came up and hugged me. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was, she just liked hugs. It was a little bit cute :)